PwC Internships/Full-Time Opportunities Posted

PwC Internships/Full-Time Opportunities Posted

Hello all,

PwC internships and full-time opportunities are posted on their website. The application window will close on September 20th and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis starting now. Our PwC recruiter is Heidi Puglia and can be reached at with any questions about PwC or the opportunities available. See the information below from the firm:

PwC Opportunities

We are excited to have some great opportunities available for you to apply for this fall. We are continuing to offer both our internships and full-time opportunities the ability to choose their work style preference. We offer both completely virtual or flexible work schedules. Flex work schedules allow you to work with your team to determine which days of the week you will come into the office or client site and which days you will work from home. This is an awesome opportunity to allow you to have some flexibility but also the opportunity to be in person as much as you like! 


If you are interested in an internship opportunity, please remember that we ask students to intern one year before they could start full-time. For example: If I was planning to graduate with 150 hours in Spring 2024, I would be able to intern in 2023 either in the Winter/Spring or Summer of 2023. 

We offer internships in the Winter/Spring which is typically January to March and Summer which is typically June to July. 

Our Digital Assurance & Transparency Team also offers a Fall Internship which is typically August to November. 

All of our internships are paid positions with the expectation that you will be available to work full-time hours (40 hours a week). In some cases, you might be asked to work overtime. 

Internship applications for 2024 will be available in January. 

Associate (Full Time): 

We have full-time positions available with start dates in Winter/Spring or Summer/Fall. Winter/Spring start dates are typically in January. Summer/Fall start dates typically range between July to October depending on the group you join along with your availability. For full-time accounting-related positions, you are not eligible to start with us full-time until you have completed your 150 accounting credit hours. 

PwC Applications

Please review all our job descriptions and then apply to one position. We are only able to interview you for one position. For most of our opportunities, we recruit on a rolling basis, which means when our roles open, they may fill up before the end of the preferred application window, which runs July 28 – September 20, 2022. Applications are ONLY accepted via the PwC careers site. Resume submissions on school sites will not be considered. 

Submit your application on the PwC Entry Level Job Board

Diversity Opportunities

PwC diversity opportunities are eligible for students from under-represented minorities/protected veterans/individuals with disabilities.

Start (internship): PwC’s diversity summer internship experience provides interns with hands-on projects to better understand our business, exposure to PwC professionals, and insights into the various lines of service. Apply here for Start Intern summer 2023.

Career Preview: PwC’s freshmen diversity leadership experience (for freshmen/rising sophomores who are seeking a Start 2024 internship). Students participate in Career Preview in summer 2023 and secure a summer 2024 Start internship. Applications will be posted in Spring. Please let me know if you are interested or have a friend that is interested.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Connor Malone